Competitive Analysis

Ursula and her pal Lily watch the news and take notes, but come to very different conclusions of what's most important.
Lily knows what journalism is supposed to be, but Ursula knows what journalism has become.


Ursula does a little competitive analysis on the news networks with the help of her pal Lily.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ursula is chatting with her friend Lily about her plans for the Ursula News Network (as per last week’s discussions with Duke). Lily asks, “Well, how do the big news empires do it?”

Ursula replies, “It doesn’t matter. They’re boring.”

Lily smiles and says, “True, but I think we should watch and takes notes just to be sure.”

That annoys Ursula but she groans and says, “Ugh… fine.”

The girls sit down and watch a bit of the news, featuring a concerned looking female news reporter. Banners on the screen say “CHAOS ERUPTS IN WASHINGTON” and “BREAKING NEWS.”

After the broadcast, Lily and Ursula compare notes. Lily says, “OK, so… we need to cover big stories like war and government corruption. That’s what you got, too, right?”

We see Ursula’s notes, which say:

  • big hair
  • scary music
  • sound worryed
  • famus peepul gossip

Ursula says, “Um…”