Gigi Malone

Adam‘s mother and Noah‘s first ex-wife, Gillian aka Gigi aka “Jellybean” (when Noah’s trying to ask her a favor), owns a small cafe and catering business. She’s 45… er, 29 yet again.

A few years after she and Noah got divorced, Gigi went to one of Noah’s bands’ gigs, where she got reacquainted with her and Noah’s old school chum, Glen. They’ve been an item ever since, though they remain unmarried, much to Gigi’s annoyance. Glen and Gigi live together with a cat, 3 dogs, and at least 5 classic cars and hot rods in varying stages of (dis-)repair in Metchosin, BC.

Like Noah, Gigi never met a “labor-saving” device she didn’t love, even when they actually cause more labor.

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