Duke Thorsen

After Noah and Gigi‘s marriage broke down, Noah met, knocked up, and married Maria Petrucci, a waitress at his favorite watering hole. A few months later, out came a bouncing baby boy they named Duke, who is now 24.

Considering what a fabulous cook Maria is, Noah probably would have stuck around forever except Maria gave him the boot a few years in… well, more like her uncles made Noah an offer he couldn’t refuse, but that was on Maria’s behalf. They all get along much better now, oddly enough.

Like his big brother Adam, Duke plays bass, but prefers thrash metal. Most of the time, though, his ears are filled with the sounds of nature, as he learned to hunt and fish from his step-dad Scott at an early age and now works with Scott as a hunting guide. Sometimes they let Noah tag along… after all, Noah can’t seem to catch dinner worth a damn, but someone’s gotta lug the beer and pack out the empties.

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