Noah Thorsen

No one knows exactly what Noah Dagobert Thorsen does all day—certainly not button his shirt ever—but we do know he’s a stay-at-home dad and a cover band rock star (in his own mind).

He’s 47, finally struck it lucky in love with his fifth wife Ruth, and is a proud papa to Adam, Duke, Ursula, and Valerie.

Noah sings in multiple bands including a U2 tribute band, a Creed tribute band, and a more generalized classic rock cover band. He used to sing in Glen‘s Mötley Crüe tribute band and a Marilyn Manson tribute band before Ruth put a stop to all that. He’s obsessed with maximizing efficiency, especially when it comes to any household chores he can’t simply skip.

Noah lives with Ruth, Ursula, and Valerie in the guest house of Ruth’s parents’ property in Oak Bay, BC.

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