Frank Burgoyne

Ruth is the apple of her father Frank’s eye. Her husband Noah, not so much… so Frank certainly does nothing to rein in his wife’s meddling. (To be fair, the more time Agnes spends making a pest of herself vis a vis Noah and Ruth, the less time she spends making a pest of herself vis a vis Frank.)

Frank is a retired lifelong politician, working his way up from the local school board to the provincial ministry of education to the House of Commons and managing along the way to never get caught doing anything to alienate any block of voters. Somehow he built up a huge fortune while being a public servant, but it was probably all 100% above board. (wink wink)

These days he spends his time golfing and playing tennis and sometimes sailing with his buddies.

(And scheming to bring a little of the rural retirement life he dreamed of to the suburbs since Agnes refuses to move out to the sticks… but he always blames the sudden appearance of chickens and fruit trees on Noah.)

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