Ruth Thorsen

Ruth Mae Thorsen, née Burgoyne, is Noah‘s wife and mother to Ursula and Valerie. She’s 39 and teaches second grade since coming back from maternity leave. (Before that she was the school librarian.)

Ruth and Noah initially met when her friend dragged her to a tribute band night where Noah’s old Marilyn Manson band happened to be playing. For some reason she got all offended when he tried to get her to come onstage and dance with him during “Slutgarden“… can’t imagine why, it’s such a charming and wholesome song… anyway, that summer there were 4 or 5 weddings Ruth was a bridesmaid at where Noah was singing in the band at the reception and eventually he overheard enough about how much she loved U2 and Creed to figure out a much more effective way to win her over and finally get her to agree to a date. The rest is history.

Her hobbies include lacemaking, knitting, antiquing with her mother Agnes, and nagging Noah to do more housework.

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