What’s Missing From Ruth’s Wardrobe

Ruth laments that Noah isn't listening as she talks about what she's planning for her wardrobe.
Careful what you wish for, Ruth.


Ruth might be regretting insisting that Noah listen to her.

And he hasn’t forgotten that dress Ruth tossed last year.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ruth scowls as she hangs up one of her dresses in the closet, saying to Noah, “Ugh… are you even listening?”

Noah replies, “Uh huh.”

She continues, “So, I’ll be working on curating my wardrobe.”

Noah replies, “Uh huh.”

Now looking in one of her drawers, she explains, “Y’know, looking at what I wear, what I’d like to wear, what’s missing from my wardrobe—”

Noah, sitting in bed and reading one of his classic rock magazines, grins and interjects: “Tight red Kelly Bundy dress.”

Ruth asks, “What?!?”

Noah smiles and explains, “That’s what’s missing from your wardrobe.”

Ruth growls and Noah adds, “And you thought I wasn’t listening…”