Glen Jenkins

Glen “Junkyard Jenkins” is a 46 year-old car dude who works in a pick-a-part wrecking yard by day and plays guitar in a couple different bands by night, including a Mötley Crüe tribute band and an Aerosmith one. Back in the ’90s, Glen and Noah used to have a couple bands together. It’s probably best that they no longer share band duties.

These days Glen spends his weekends avoiding getting dragged to go antiquing with Gigi (on the rare weekends she’s not working some stuffy wedding reception) and working on rebuilding cars… both his own and his friends/clients. His most prized possession is a ’36 Forde Coupe hot rod he inherited from his grandfather.

As for the whole marriage thing, Glen insists it’s none of the government’s business who he’s shacked up with. Be that as it may, Gigi is still plotting to get him drunk the next time they’re in Vegas to see some elderly classic rock act he likes so she can drag him to one of their 24 hour wedding chapels.

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