Adam Thorsen

Adam Olaf Thorsen is Noah‘s eldest, having forced a quickie marriage between Noah and Gigi Malone right at the end of high school. Now 27, Gigi’s “wee little baby” towers over both his parents, even when he’s not wearing his highest stompy goth boots.

Adam plays bass, though when he is called upon to do so whenever Noah’s bassist shirks his duties, he desperately wishes he’d picked something far less useful and guilt-trip-able for rock n roll. Dulcimer, perhaps, or triangle. He is every bit as music-obsessed as his dad, however he prefers the grinding sounds of industrial dance music or EBM. He organizes club nights and other events with his girlfriend Stacey Blackburn and spins at the local goth night as DJ Adambomb… and, reluctantly, at weddings, where he has to pretend like he doesn’t think Taylor Swift is guilty of musical crimes against humanity.

Well, it pays the bills.

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