Granny Thorsen

Noah‘s mother Hrefna Dagmar Thorsen, née Helmeyer, is the daughter of a Danish/Greenlandic mining geologist named Lars Helmeyer who moved his family from the freezing cold of Greenland to the even more freezing cold of Flin Flon, Manitoba, where young Hrefna met and eventually married fellow Dane Olaf Thorsen. They had 3 kids in Flin Flon (Ingrid, Olga, and Noah) before Hrefna finally succeeded in nagging Olaf into moving somewhere warmer. And so the Thorsens came to settle in Victoria, BC… which Hrefna still considered too damn cold and damp.

Olaf died peacefully in his sleep some 10 years ago—much to Hrefna’s dismay as there is unfortunately no room in Valhalla for those who die peacefully in their sleep… but hey, Olaf probably wants it that way as now he can spend eternity reading the newspaper in peace. After Olaf’s passing, Hrefna started spending more and more time in Florida, going on spirit quests and finally found a spot warm enough for her liking… albeit there is that small problem with the alligators terrorizing all the pool boys.

When she’s not chasing gators away with her broom, Hrefna likes playing bingo and visiting casinos, where she swears her winnings are due to the blessings Odin has bestowed upon her and her family and not because she’s an expert card counter.

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