April Fools 2024

Ursula uses a Bono bait and switch on her mom
See, the problem with this strategy is annoyed moms don’t buy Lego…

Ursula never misses an opportunity to try to bait-and-switch her way into an expanded Lego collection.



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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ruth is sitting knitting on the sofa. Ursula comes running up, yelling, “Mommy! Quick! We have to go to the toy store!”

Ruth is annoyed and says, “No.”

Ursula insists: “You don’t understand! Bono’s gonna be there signing Funko Pops in 20 minutes! Lily says so, her sister works there!”

This convinces Ruth, who gasps at the chance to ogle her Irish crush. Next, in the toy store, a clerk is confused and tells Ruth, “Bono? Never heard of him.”

Ruth is furious and yells, “WHAT?!?”

Just then, a grinning Ursula comes up to Ruth, carrying a stack of expensive Lego sets and saying, “April Fools, Mommy!” She then continues, “But since we’re here…”