The Diary Lead

In refuting Ursula's sales pitch, Noah inadvertently tells Ursula where to find Ruth's secrets.
Uh oh… now you’ve done it, Noah…


Noah inadvertently gives Inspector Ursula a lead… hopefully Ruth remembered to write her diary in cursive so neither one of these two can read it.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Noah is stirring up cookie dough while Inspector Ursula continues to push her sales pitch on him. He asks her, “Why should I pay you $500 when I can just ask Mommy for free?”

Ursula smiles and explains, “The very nature of secrets means that she won’t tell you. You need to be sneaky.” Noah rolls his eyes and says, “If I was gonna be sneaky, I could just read her diary when she’s at work. For free.”

This perks Ursula up even more and she asks, “This diary you speak of… where can a private investigator like me find it?”

Noah is irked and scowls, asking, “Don’t you have a reading assignment to do?” Ursula clasps her hands in glee and grins: “Exactly!” Noah retorts, “I’m talking about ‘Charlotte’s Web’!”