February 14, 2023: The Vegas Fight

Ruth and Noah are out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Ruth smiles and asks Noah, "Aren't you excited about U2's Vegas shows this fall?" Noah, despite singing in a U2 tribute band, is clearly not excited. He looks off to the side and says, "Um... I got myself in trouble in Vegas." Ruth assumes he means gambling and assures him, "We won't be going to the casinos." Noah explains, "It's not gambling. I got drunk and married a showgirl I'd just met." As he says this, we see a flashback of a very drunk Noah saying "I do" in front of an Elvis impersonator officiating his holy matrimony to a tall showgirl in her elaborate feathered headdress and bikini, fresh off the stage. Ruth growls, reminded of the ex-wife she's most jealous of, and snarls, "Well, promise me you won't get drunk and do that again." Noah then raises an eyebrow and demands, "Promise me YOU won't get drunk and marry a Bono impersonator." Ruth waves her hand dismissively and replies, "Well, I'm already married to you, so... been there, done that."

  Ruth has of course already signed up for every possible chance to get tickets to that U2 residency in Vegas, from the fan club to the Ticketmaster verified fan thing. And interesting how Noah’s not worried about Ruth running off with Bono, but rather with one of Bono’s professional impersonators (aside from Noah and … Read moreFebruary 14, 2023: The Vegas Fight