Pride in the Name of Ruth

If Ruth doesn't like the biggest U2 songs, she's just not trying hard enough.
God forbid Noah throw in a “If You Wear That Velvet Dress” or “Acrobat.”


You’d think Noah would have noticed this tactic not getting his desired results as often as he likes…


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah and Ruth are doing the dishes and Noah is still arguing and pleading with Ruth about her distaste for two of the biggest U2 hits (“Pride in the Name of Love” and “With or Without You”). He says to her, “But you love U2!” Ruth, annoyed, replies, “Yeah, but not those two songs.”

Noah keeps pressing her: “But you love Bono and he wrote ’em!” Ruth replies, “Bono makes mistakes sometimes.” Then Noah starts flailing his arms around, saying, “But you love it when I sing ’em to you!” Ruth tells him, “No, I really don’t.” He then slyly grins and massages her shoulders, saying, “That’s why I sing ’em to you every day!” Ruth groans and says, “Please stop.”