One More Time, with Feeling!

Noah continues to pester Ruth to like her least favorite U2 songs.
Do you like sleeping on the sofa, Noah? Because this is how you end up sleeping on the sofa.


At this point these two aren’t even arguing about the songs anymore, it’s about stupid primate dominance games.

Just wait ’til Noah finds out Ruth also hates Bon Jovi’s “Born To Be My Baby.”


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ruth is at her sewing machine while Noah leans on her table, still arguing with her about her dislike of “Pride in the Name of Love” and “With or Without You.” He says to her, “So that’s really your secret? You hate those 2 songs?” Ruth lets out an exasperated “Yes!” in reply.

Noah, perplexed, says, “But they’re great songs!” Ruth retorts, “I hate them.” Noah, now annoyed at his wife’s continued refusal to agree with him, resorts to social proof pressure: “But… all the other U2 fans love them. ‘With or Without You’ has, like, a billion plays on Spotify!” Ruth growls back, “So?”

Noah then grins and offers, “Here: lemme sing it for you again so you can reconsider.” A pissed off Ruth glares and tells him, “Ugh… this is why I didn’t tell you!”