Adam’s Birthday, Part 1

Noah and Ruth are driving to Noah's eldest son's place, arguing about whether Ruth or Adam is the weird one in the family.
If anyone knows where to find that skeleton fountain in real life, please let the cartoonist know.


No matter what Ruth says, Adam has the best taste in front yard fountains.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

We see Noah driving in his car, saying “Just please don’t be weird around the boy, dear.”

His wife Ruth, in the passenger seat, glares at Noah and replies “Me? I’m not weird, he is!”

Noah says “Now, Ruth, he’s not weird. He’s… well… artistic, I guess.”

Next we see Ruth and Noah walking up to a house with skulls hanging in the windows, flanked by dead gnarled black trees. Bones form the borders of the empty flowerbeds and there is a fountain of a skeleton peeing blood red water and giving the middle finger. On the path to the door, mats say “LEAVE NOW”.

Ruth says to Noah “It’s August 15th and your son is already ready for Halloween.”

Noah replies “No, these are his regular year-round yard decorations.”

Ruth snarls “Yeah, he’s not weird at all.”