Learning Time With Glen, Part 2

Noah also doesn't know how the lawnmower works, which Glen assumes is due to Noah's lack of actual job experience.
Gotta watch out for those bored cougar housewives.


I dunno, scrubbing station wagons in a speedo seems like a real job. Team Noah all the way.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah asks “So, Glen, how exactly does this thing work?”

We then see Glen and Noah standing on either side of a lawnmower, amidst the tall grass. Glen says “You can’t be serious” and Noah replies “I’ve never used one before.”

Glen, incredulous, asks “You never mowed lawns for money as a kid?” and Noah replies “No.”

Annoyed, Glen rolls his eyes and says “Oh yeah, that’s right. You never had a real job as a teen.”

Noah, irate, snaps back that “Hey! Washing the neighborhood wives’ station wagons in only a speedo and a smile was too a real job!” as we see him flashing back to being a teen scrubbing a station wagon while a housewife in her bathrobe, slippers, and hair rollers sprays him with a hose and tells him to “scrub harder and wiggle your butt more, sonny.”