Adam’s Birthday, Part 2

Noah gives his Adam his birthday present and assures him it's not one of the books from Ruth's reading suggestions.
Yeah… Adam doesn’t seem like much of a “Collected Works of Jane Austen” kinda dude…


Seems like Adam is already familiar with Ruth’s book recommendations and ain’t having it.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

We see Noah and his eldest son, Adam, hugging in Adam’s very goth living room – it has deep purple walls, with a red candelabra sporting black candles and a framed painting of a skull.

Adam is almost a foot taller than his dad, but sports the same cleft chin and similar squinty eyes. He also has a brown mohawk. Noah says “Good to see you, Adam!” and Adam replies “Hey, Dad!”

Then Adam greets Ruth more coldly, shaking her hand and saying “Stepmother Number 4, hello.”

Ruth simply replies “Adam.”

Noah offers Adam a present, saying “Happy birthday son!” and quickly adding “Don’t worry, I didn’t let her talk me into giving you a book.”

Ruth interjects “But if you’d like to read the” and Adam scowls and cuts her off curtly, saying “No!”

Noah puts a stop to any possible fight by gesturing to the doors leading out to Adam’s back deck and saying “Uh, Adam, let’s grab a beer out on the back deck.”