Pool Party at the In-Laws, Part 3

Ruth's granny insists on assuming Noah is a gigolo for hire.
Eight if he dresses like Julio Iglesias.


Ruth’s granny knows a cheap good time when she sees one.



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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ruth and Noah are sitting on the edge of the pool. Ruth’s granny comes up, taps Noah on the shoulder, and says to Ruth, “Ruth, dear, where did you buy this gigolo?”

Ruth replies, “Granny, Noah’s not a gigolo, he’s my husband. Don’t you remember the wedding?”

Granny says, “No.”

Ruth explains, “You flashed the bertender your mastectomy scar and patted the pastor on the butt. Remember?”

Granny, now pissed, snaps, “Don’t you sass back at me, missy! Now, I’m in charge of buying Gertrude a gigolo for her hundredth birthday bash at the home.”

Ruth yells “Granny!”

Granny continues, “I’ll pay five dollars.”

Ruth yells “NO!”

Unfazed, Granny pinches Noah’s cheek and continues, “Seven if he dresses like a rodeo clown.”

Agnes chimes in with “Now Ruth, it’s a solid job offer…”