The Awkwardness Continues

Noah and Ursula's awkward conversation about bad behavior continues.
Apparently Ursula’s lawyer hasn’t advised her of the whole “pleading the 5th” thing.

See, this is why you don’t talk without your lawyer present, Ursula. Better yet, don’t talk at all.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Still sitting down next to Ursula and with his hand on her shoulder, Noah says, “But no matter how much we love someone, it doesn’t mean it’s OK for them to do wrong.” Ursula is indignant and says, “I have a right to see the evidence against me, Daddy.”

Noah continues, “We can’t condone bad behavior. Even when it’s family doing them.” Snarling, Ursula says, “You know Uncle Norm’s my lawyer, right?”

Noah keeps going, saying, “And we certainly shouldn’t imitate their wrongdoings.” This confuses Ursula and she says, “Um… I don’t follow, Daddy.” Noah finishes off his little speech by saying, “Y’know, even it’s my mother.”

Suddenly Ursula realizes she’s not the one in trouble… unless Noah’s been paying attention to the things she admitted to doing, and she backpedals saying, “Wait… what? Um… forget all that stuff I said.”