Watching the Northern Lights

The Thorsens and the Burgoynes—well, most of them—enjoy the rare display of the Northern Lights down in Victoria, BC.
No one asked Agnes, but she’s never let that stop her before.


Noah, Ruth, and Grandpa Frank enjoy the rare Southern BC show of Northern Lights this weekend while Grandma Agnes and Ursula are less impressed… perhaps Agnes would be more likely to approve if the aurora was a more tasteful beige? Or grey?

In any case, The Cartoonist managed to get a few pics from her backyard in the Cowichan Valley, not as impressive as some of the photos were but then again, these are iPhone photos and *ahem* NOT PHOTOSHOPPED… unlike many of her friends’ much-brighter FB posts.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

We see our cast silhouetted agsint the night sky showing the Northern Lights in last night’s rare solar storm allowing them to be seen as far south as the Thorsens and Burgoynes live in Victoria, BC. Ruth says, “So pretty!”

Noah adds, “Gorgeous!”

Frank is more cautious and simply says, “Nice.”

Agnes pipes up, “Gaudy, if you ask me.”

This irritates Noah, who retorts, “We didn’t, Agnes.”

Ursula then takes the opportunity to complain, saying, “Some of us have to get up early to watch cartoons, Daddy.”

Noah chides her, “No, you don’t.”