Choices, Choices…

Noah is torn between dressing up as Bono and dressing up as a leprechaun for St. Paddy's Day
Why not both?


Noah has some tough decisions to make. Of course, if he dresses like Bono, he has to wear pants, unlike the leprechaun outfit.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Noah, wearing just a towel, holds up two outfits: a green tailcoat with a green top hat and a shiny black leather jacket and pants with purple sunglasses.

He is smiling and eyeing the green outfit as he calls out, “Hey, Ruth… so, for celebrating all things Irish on St. Paddy’s tomorrow, should I dress like a leprechaun or like Bono?”

She calls out from the other room, “How about like a normal husband?”

Noah replies, “Naw, if you wanted a normal husband, you wouldn’t’ve picked me.”