“Unrealistic Butt Beauty Standards”

Noah is still icing his butthurt while Ruth and him discuss how he got in this situation.
Some might say the reason Noah’s not jealous of Ruth’s love for Bono is that it’s easier to have a better butt than a dude in his 60s.


Noah is still butthurt over having hurt his butt, and he knows what’s to blame.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Noah and Ruth are in bed, Noah with ice on his pulled glute and Ruth with a book. She asks, “Didn’t you at least stretch first?”

Noah replies, “Um… does flexing in the mirror count?”

Ruth rolls her eyes and says, “I’ll never understand why you men aren’t more careful at the gym.”

He explains, “Well, we have to impress you women.”

Ruth is unimpressed and scoffs at this while Noah scowls and continues, “And your unrealistic Jason Momoa butt beauty standards.”

Ruth is caught off guard, saying, “Wait, what?”