January 19, 2023: The Wardrobe Malfunction

Noah is up in the attic, digging through his old stage costumes and he finds his old sheer bodysuit with feather epaulets (modelled after one Marilyn Manson wore in the late 90s). Noah thinks to himself, "Here it is, should still fit... but it won't hurt to make sure..." We then see a giant RIP tear across the comic panel, revealing Noah wearing the body suit, now torn along the side seams to show large swaths of Noah's hairy flanks and outer thighs. Wide-eyed in dismay, Noah thinks, "Seriously? I didn't eat that much over Christmas! Guess I'm going as middle-aged Marilyn Manson..."


So much for that Mechanical Animals-era Marilyn Manson costume… (inspired by the one MM wore here in the late ’90s)… Noah better start hitting that rowing machine he got for Viking homeschool.

Well, if it makes ya feel better, Noah: MM couldn’t fit into his old sheer bodysuit now either and would also pop his seams.