December 27, 2022: Dorks & Dragons

Noah and Ursula bump into Adam and Duke whilst out shopping. Noah asks the boys, "Hey, what'd you get?" Adam smiles and says, "Warhammer!" while Duke replies, "D&D!" Noah says, "Cool!" but Ursula is less impressed and tells her brothers, "D&D is for dorks." Duke retorts, "Yeah? So when are you gonna start playing?"


Duke might well call Ursula‘s bluff about D&D… although she probably doesn’t quite have the attention span for it yet. (Or at least I don’t think I had my brief foray into D&D til at least grade 6… and I still might not have enough attention span for Warhammer 40K, though it sounds fun if one could ever wrap one’s head around all the lore and the zillion factions etc.)