Boxing Day

Noah is in a music store with Ursula, who is complaining as usual: "Ugh... not more shopping!" Noah replies, "Oh, c'mon! Boxing Day sales are a time-honored tradition!" He continues, "Back when I lived in Vancouver, me and my friends would wolf down our Christmas dinners..." and as he says this we see him remembering a Christmas dinner where he's standing in front of the front door, putting on his jacket with one arm while holding a big turkey leg with his other hand, eating. He tells his mother, "Thanks, Ma... be back by noon!" and she yells back, "You just got here!" Noah then continues telling Ursula, "... and race down to Seymour Street to camp out in line for A&B Sound's big sale" as we see Noah and Glen standing in a line of men all waiting to get into A&B Sound the next morning, with Glen telling Noah, "Sweet, we're only 37th in line this year." Ursula cuts Noah off, saying, "That's insane!" Noah, missing her point, smiles and replies, "Yeah, we sure got some crazy deals..." and we see him remembering walking out of A&B Sound with Glen, both grinning and loaded down with boxes of new stereo equipment.


Noah fondly remembers Boxing Days past.

I don’t think I ever did the A&B Sound Boxing Day madness, or if I did it was looking for CDs later that afternoon, long after the hardcore dudes had already gone home with their new stereos and TVs. My brother says he used to go line up at 7am for their 10am opening, though… which would make him a slacker compared to the dudes who started lining up on Christmas Day.