No Deal

Noah tells Ursula that she'll be being babysat. They also talk about spitball lessons, but can't agree on the profit spitting.
Ursula still has much to learn about business dealings.


Ursula still hasn’t learned that half of something is better than all of nothing.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah pats Ursula on the shoulder and tells her, “So you and Valerie’ll be with Grandma Agnes and Grandpa Frank tomorrow night so Mommy can watch me work.”

Not thrilled, Ursula asks, “How come Mommy watches you work but you don’t watch her work?” Noah replies, “My work is fun to watch,” and we see him imagining himself on stage with his drummer in the background.

He continues, “And because Mommy would get mad if I taught her students how to make spitballs,” and we see him imagining Ruth being pelted with spitballs as she raises her arms in a defensive pose and yells, “Stop it! You’re all getting detention!”

Ursula gets a sly smirk on her face and asks, “What if you teach me and I teach them… for a fee.” Noah squats down to her level, grins, and replies, “Cut me in for half.” Greedy, Ursula says, “Nope.”

Noah then turns and walks away, saying, “Well, have fun behaving yourself with Grandma Agnes and her bridge ladies” while Ursula scowls.