Granny Thorsen vs. the Gator

Noah and Ursula have a video chat with his mother in Florida and learn just how dangerous the Sunshine State can be.
Gators are the real reason Florida is a Castle Law state.


Looks like Noah’s insistence on showing a lot of bare skin might well be genetic.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah and Ursula are sitting in front of their computer, talking to Noah’s mom via video chat. Ursula asks, “What was Greenland like, Granny Thorsen?”

Granny Thorsen replies, “Cold!” We then see Granny Thorsen, sitting in an arm chair in front of a Danish flag and wearing a pink tank top, her braided blond hair showing grey roots at her part. She continues, “Then my dad got work in that mine in Flin Flon, which is even colder…” Ursula says “Uh huh.” Granny Thorsen continues, “Then when your Grandpa and I moved to BC, that damp cold sinks right into you. Worse than Greenland!” Ursula says “Yep.”

Next Granny Thorsen continues, “So I like it here in Florida best, sweetie. When are you coming to visit?” Ursula says “Dunno. Ask Daddy.” Noah pipes up and says, “Florida’s too dangerous!”

Granny Thorsen isn’t having any of this and retorts, “Nonsense, boy! It’s perfectly safe in—”

She is distracted by something and then says “Hang on, damn gator’s chasing the pool boy again!” We now see Granny Thorsen, in her tiny tank top and short shorts, on Noah and Ursula’s screen with a broom and shaking her fist off to the side. She says, “Lemme get my broom… Shoo! Shoo! Bad gator! You stop that! Let him go!” as Ursula looks at her dad in wide-eyed horror and he looks at her in resigned dismay.

Granny Thorsen continues yelling, “Damn it, that’s the fourth pool boy this month!”

Noah then scowls and says “See, ma, this is why we don’t visit…” and Ursula grabs her clipboard and adds to her homework/essay on her family, “Granny Thorsen beats alligators with her broom.”