The Cooking Lesson

Noah tries, unsuccessfully, to coach Ursula into learning to cook.
Ursula believes in a strict division of labor… one in which she is divided away from all of it.


In Ursula’s defence, some of us didn’t learn to cook til we were in our 30s.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ursula is leaning on the kitchen island, head in hands. She scowls at Noah and says, “Why do I have to help with dinner?”

Noah replies, “It’s time you started learning to cook.”

“Cooking is your job,” Ursula insists. Noah, stirring a marinade, replies “It’s everyone’s job.”

Annoyed, Ursula informs him, “Child labour is illegal, you know.” Noah retorts, “Cooking’s a vital life skill, you know.” He continues, “How will you eat if you can’t cook?” Unfazed, Ursula tells him, “I’ll order pizza.”

Noah then says, “Man cannot live by pizza alone.” Ursula replies, “Good thing I’m a girl, then.”

A seething Noah then growls and says, “First step in making a marinade is take a quarter cup of olive oil…”