“Tragic Canoe Accident”

Ursula is bored as her grandmother drones on about family history and her grandfather reads the paper, oblivious.
Just wait til you hear about Great-Great Aunt Mildred’s sister-in-law’s bunions, kiddo…


Ursula shouldn’t have said she needed to write an essay on family history if she didn’t want to get a book’s worth of information from Grandma Agnes.

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In case of broken image links or accessibility issues, here’s the gist of the comic: Ursula and Grandpa Frank are sitting at the kitchen table, Ursula with her elbows on the table and head propped up on her hands, Frank is engrossed in the newspaper. Agnes stands over them, blathering about family history: “…and then my mother’s maternal great-aunt by marriage, Cynthia, bred Himalayan cats for the show circuit. Her son died in a tragic canoe accident…” Ursula groans while Frank, much used to this sorta thing, simply tunes Agnes out and occasionally mutters “mmmhmmm…”