Kaboom! Kaboom!

Ursula asks Noah about how he met Ruth.
That’s one way to leave a mark on a man.


Kaboom Kaboom” is actually a kind of romantic song, at least by Marilyn Manson standards… so probably Noah was singing something more along the lines of “User Friendly” or “Slutgarden.”


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ursula and Noah are sitting on the sofa. Ursula has a clipboard and says “Stupid homework… Daddy, I have to write and essay about my family. How did you and Mommy meet?”

Noah tells her “Well, Daddy used to sing in a Marilyn Manson tribute band…” and we see him flashing back to Noah on stage dressed as Marilyn Manson from the ‘Mechanical Animals’ era, complete with see-through black bodysuit with big black feather epaulets, the top half of his face painted blue, and red and black streaks in his hair.

Noah continues, “and one night Mommy and her friends came to the show…” and we see a flashback of Noah in the same get-up staring at Ruth from a distance as hearts dance around his head and Ruth and her friends are talking. Noah continues further, “and Daddy tried to get her to come dance onstage with me to a very naughty song but she slapped me silly instead.”

We see the flashback of a scowling Ruth having slapped Noah’s face, now emblazoned with a red hand print. Ursula, clearly not particularly listening, writes down “Mommy slapped Daddy at Marilyn’s bar.”