Happy Halloween!

Ursula complains about having to go trick-or-treating when Noah has tons of candy at home. He sends her out anyway.
Agnes isn’t helping matters, as usual.


Never question a man’s boyhood dedication to the pursuit of candy.

Happy Halloween!


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ursula, dressed as a princess, laments “I really don’t see why I have to dress up and walk all over the neighborhood every year when there’s bags of candy at home.”

Her grandma, Agnes, dressed as a witch, scowls and chides Ursula, “Quit being your lazy father’s daughter!”

Noah, dressed Magnum P.I. in an open Hawaiian shirt, short shorts, and a stick-on moustache, is deeply offended and protests, “Hey! Me and my friends worked for our candy! We spent every Hallowe’en trudging through the snow in Flin Flon trick or treating!”

Ursula, unimpressed, snarks “Yeah, yeah… uphill both ways, dodging dragons, hobbits, and orcs.”

Enraged, Noah points to the door and yells, “Out! OUT! You and your grandma Agnes go and don’t come back til both those pillowcases are full!” Ursula begrudgingly heads to the door, groaning, “Ugh… and I suppose I still have to do my own homework when I get back?” Agnes sulks and follows behind Ursula as Noah retorts “Shoulda done it before supper! Go!!!”