Ursula’s Reading Habits

Noah's parent-teacher conference with Ursula's teacher Ms. Fardemar continues. Ms. Fardemar says "I'm also concerned about Ursula's reading. She—" Noah interrupts her, saying "What? Ursula's a great reader!" Ms. Fardemar continues "Reading material, not ability. She's done book reports on 'The Anarchist Cookbook,' 'The Art of War,' and 'The End of School." Noah retorts "So?" Ms. Fardemar adds, "She also keeps asking when we'll learn to make C4 in science class." Completely missing the point, Noah says "I told her 100 times: C4 is the middle note on the piano."
Sounds like Ursula knows what she’s doing for the science fair.


When I was in school, back when the internet was just bulletin boards, one of my pals had a printout of what was supposed to be The Anarchist Cookbook, and we all took turns borrowing it and reading it.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Miss Fardemar tells Noah, “I’m also concerned about Ursula’s reading. She—”

Noah interrupts her, saying, “What? Ursula’s a great reader!”

Miss Fardemar continues, “Reading material, not ability. She’s done book reports on The Anarchist Cookbook, The Art of War, and The End of School.”

Noah retorts, “So?”

Miss Fardemar replies, “She also keeps asking when we’ll learn to make C4 in science class.” Noah then says, “I’ve told her 100 times: C4 is the middle note on the piano.”