The Giant Skeleton

Noah and Adam decorate for Halloween, much to Agnes' annoyance.
Noah 1, Agnes 0… at least for today.


Agnes always makes time to complain, except for when Ursula’s around and she has to fake like she isn’t pissed off at Noah.


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Adam and Noah are assembling one of those giant 12 foot tall skeletons. Adam, up on a ladder, says to Noah, “OK, now gimme that spine…” and Noah passes that up to him.

As he grabs the giant skull next, his mother-in-law Agnes comes out into the yard to complain, “Ugh! What are you doing?!” Noah smiles and says, “Decorating for Hallowe’en.”

Agnes scowls and says, “It’s weeks away and I can see that… thing… from the breakfast nook!” Noah replies, “You’re welcome, Agnes.” Furious, Agnes growls, “How dare you, you son of a…”

Just then, Ursula comes running up from school, gleefully yelling, “Whoa, cool! It’s huge!”

Adam calls down from the top of the ladder, “See, sis, I told ya we’d get the biggest one!”

Ursula says, “Awesome! Grandma, isn’t it spooky?” Noah grins as Agnes squirms and he says, “Yeah, Agnes. Isn’t it?” Agnes fakes agreement, saying, “Oh… uh… heh heh… yes, Ursula.”