The Plea Bargain

Ursula's Uncle Norm presents to her the plea bargain he's negotiated on her behalf.
Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, kiddo.

Just because you have the best lawyer in town doesn’t mean you won’t get the book thrown at you when the authorities have you dead to rights.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ursula’s uncle Norm, the best criminal defence attorney in the city, is sitting down with her to discuss the “plea bargain” he’s worked out on her behalf with Noah and Ruth.

Ursula, clearly displeased with the terms, sits with her arms crossed and yells, “This is a total railroading!!!” Norm, however, insists that, “It’s a fair plea bargain, Ursula.” Ursula questions Norm’s loyalty, asking, “Whose side are you on, Uncle Norm?!?”

Like with so many other guilty-as-sin clients, Uncle Norm calmly states, “Well, based on the preponderance of evidence, you wouldn’t want to take your chances with a jury trial.” Ursula growls and Norm rolls his eyes, saying, “You know, if you were tried as an adult in the real justice system, you’d be facing life in prison for kidnapping and extortion.”

Ursula objects, yelling, “Yeah, but a whole month of vacuuming? And I have to weed the garden too?!?” Norm smiles and reminds her that, “Yes, but knocked down from 2 months and I got them to drop the chicken chores.” Nonetheless, Ursula shouts, “I hate weeding!”