February 24, 2023: Noah’s Apple Pie Plans

Noah, wearing his chef's hat, is carrying a pie to the dinner table where Ursula and Ruth are sitting. Urusla whines, "Apple Pie again?" Noah replies, "I tweaked my recipe. Let me know what you think." Ursula then says, " I think pie is the Brussels sprouts of desserts." This annoys Ruth, who snaps, "Ursula!" Ursula replies, "What? It's got fruit in it. It's practically health food." Noah is annoyed and says, "That's nice, sweetie, but you're not judging at the fair." Ruth laughs and reminds him, "The fair's not til September, Noah," and he replies, "Exactly. Plenty of time to perfect it." He grins and continues, "I'm gonna win the double crust apple pie competition." Then his eyes narrow and his grin turns Machiavellian as he says, "The real one, not the consolation prize 'men only' class." Wide-eyed, Ursula asks, "Can't you try to win the chocolate cake ribbon instead?" Noah laughs and replies, "Where's the glory in that?"


Noah has his eyes on the big prize… one of the fall fairs near me does indeed have a men-only class for the apple pies in the baking category, which I thought was kinda funny… but also gives the dudes a chance, lol.

And of course Noah wants to try to win the “real” one.

(I’m with Ursula, though: chocolate cake all the way.)