Noah the Muffin Man

Noah brings a tray of fresh muffins to his in-laws' doorstep to bribe his way into some babysitting.
Of course, if Ursula is gonna be Ursula as usual, Noah might want to throw in some cookies to sweeten the deal.


Noah knows exactly how to bribe his way into getting what he wants, and Frank is very, very bribeable.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah rings his in-laws’ doorbell. His mother-in-law Agnes answers and Noah presents her will a pan full of fresh muffins, saying, “Hi Agnes! I thought you might like some fresh muffins.”

Agnes scowls and retorts, “Cut the crap, Thorsen, what do you want?”

Just then Noah’s father-in-law Frank comes up and asks Agnes, “What’s all the commotion?” He then sees the muffins, grabs one, and says, “Ooh… muffins! and they’re still warm!”

Noah smiles and says, “So I was wondering if you guys can babysit the next 5 Saturday nights. I have gigs and Ruth would like to attend with me.” Agnes scowls and yells, “No!!!” but Frank, mouth full of muffin, says, “Sure, why not?” Furious, Agnes yells, “Frank!!!” while Noah, grinning, says, “Thanks Frank!”