Remembering Remembrance Day

Noah forgot all about the stat holiday.
A rare view of Ruth with her hair down.


Nothing like a day off school to interrupt Noah’s Friday plans.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ursula and Ruth are at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Noah comes up and asks, “Shouldn’t you two be at school today?”

Ursula smiles and says “Nope. It’s Remembrance Day.” Noah replies “Ah…” Ruth smirks and asks “You forgot Remembrance Day?” Noah sheepishly says “No, no, no… I just thought it was next week.”

There is a pause wherein Noah, Ursula, and Ruth all glare at each other. Noah then scratches his head and asks “So… you two planning to be home all day or what?” Ruth scowls and says “Yes, why?”

Noah thinks to himself “so much for playing Eldin Ring all day…” but says “uh… no reason.”