The Great Grub Caper

Duke smuggles in some good home cooking to Noah from his brother Adam's mom, Gigi.
Nothing like good grub to make a man happy.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Get the good grub, even if you have to sneak it in (see Friday’s comic a couple days ago for why Noah’s getting his younger son Duke to smuggle in the good stuff).


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Noah is on the phone and whispers, “You got the stuff?”

Duke, on his phone, replies, “Yep.”

We then see Noah in the living room, looking over his shoulder at Ruth in the kitchen and whispers to the phone, “Meet me in the garage and don’t let Ruth catch you.”

Noah comes running into the garage to meet Duke, who has a couple big takeout boxes in a bag. Duke says, “Special delivery from Adam’s mom.”

Noah, gleeful, reaches for the boxes and says, “Hallelujah! Come to Papa!” Duke says, “I got some, too.”

As Noah and Duke sit on the floor of the garage, hiding behind Noah’s car and eating the food Gigi prepared for them, Noah asks, “Why? Your mom’s a great cook, too.”

Duke replies, “That was yesterday. Today it’s Bethany’s mom, who never met a foodstuff she couldn’t turn into charcoal briquettes.”