Pizza and Beer Again

Every so often, Ruth gets a glimpse into Noah having the harder job at home... but just a glimpse.
Baby barf is always funny.


Ruth’s students might have thrown paper airplanes and even spitballs, but they probably didn’t barf on her or ask to throw knives.

Well, I guess that depends on the school district.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

A glum Ruth comes in the front door and says “ugh… what a long hard day… what’s for dinner?” She is greeted by a weary Noah, holding baby Valerie who is barfing on him, and he still has one of Ursula’s suction cup arrows stuck on his back. He tells Ruth dinner is “pizza and beer.”

Ruth pouts as she takes off her coat and says, “Again? Ugh… the house is a mess, too.” Then as she puts her coat away she spots all the kitchen knives on the top shelf of the coat closet and she asks, “Noah, why are the knives in the —”

Noah cuts her off, scowling and shushing her as the baby cries.

Ursula comes up to Ruth yelling “Mommy! Daddy wouldn’t let me play carnival knife thrower!” Suddenly Ruth understands and says, “Oh.” Ursula continues, “He wouldn’t let me play forest fire either!”

Noah says to Ruth, “Tell me again about your hard day, dear.”