Queen Camilla

Noah is privileged to have tea with "Queen Camilla"... but only as the butler.
Holy proportional issues, Batman!


Ursula knows the rules of the house better than the rules of succession, but whatever.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah is sitting on the floor with his daughter Ursula in her room, having a pretend tea party. Ursula has a blanket pinned around her shoulders as a cape and a small plastic crown on her head. She says to Noah “And I’ll be Queen Camilla and you can be the butler.”

Noah, still on his King Noah daydreaming kick, scowls and asks “Why can’t I be King Charles?”

Ursula corrects him “you mean Prince Charles.”

Noah smiles and says “No, Charles is King now.”

Ursula rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulders, saying “That’s not how it works, Daddy. Queen Elizabeth died so now Camilla took over as Queen. Charles is still Prince.”

Noah points out “But he was the heir and he became king when his mom died.”

With a dismissive wave, Ursula tells him “Don’t be silly, Charles can’t be King because he has to do whatever Camilla tells him because she’s his wife.”

Deflated, Noah says, “You’ve been discussing this with Mommy, huh?”