Back to School, part 3

Ruth is hassling Noah about his lack of dedication to her reading assignments, but Noah has a better idea.
Careful, Noah… lest you fail the teacher’s pop quiz…


Only the best in all-time bestsellers for Noah.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Ruth and Noah are sitting up in bed. Ruth is still blathering on about going back to teaching next week, saying “And I can’t wait to hear what books they read and find out what they learned.” Noah is looking at Ruth’s boobs and says “uh huh.” Ruth then turns to Noah and asks “what about your summer reading?” Noah replies “um… I read an entire Garfield anthology.”

Next she says “Ugh, what about all the books I suggested?” We see a tall stack of self-help, faith-based, and marital books, including The Two Sides of Love, A Lasting Promise, Sacred Marriage, His Needs Her Needs, An Altar in the World, Brilliant Faith, The Unbreakable Marriage, 12 Rules for Life, Art and Faith, Death to Deconstruction, and Live No Lies. Noah lays on his side and props his head up on one hand and replies “Nope, but I did look at the pictures in an illustrated Kama Sutra. Wanna find out what I learned?”