How Daddy Stole Summer: Part 1

Noah gets a glimpse of Ursula's illustrated story, 'How Daddy Stole Summer.'
The problem with propaganda is it’s difficult to not have the opposite effect.


Ursula protests her upcoming busy summer schedule the best way she knows how… but unlike Miss Fardemar, Noah seems to find her cartoons amusing.

(We’ll see how long that lasts.)


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Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Noah brings in Ursula’s clean laundry as she is drawing (we see the title “How Daddy Stole Summer”). He asks her, “Whatcha workin’ on?”

We now see Noah holding Ursula’s story. The first page shows smiling children under a sun and a tree with the caption: “Every kid in the whole world likes summer a lot. We escape from our teachers and leave them to rot.”

The next page shows happy kids watching TV, napping, and holding cotton candy while an angry stick figure version of Noah watches. The caption says, “We watch TV and sleep in and start candy chewing but Daddy gets jelus [sic] so our freedom he’ll ruin.”

Lastly we see a scowling Ursula glaring at Noah over the top of the third page, showing a yelling “Daddy” saying, “No TV! No resting! Do camps and do chore-ing! I won’t be happy til your summer’s boring!”

Noah tells Ursula, “I like this ‘Daddy’ dude. He’s got the right idea.”