Happy Solstice!

The Thorsens are all gathered around the Christmas tree, celebrating the winter solstice and Yule by opening their presents from Granny Thorsen and "Odin." Baby Valerie is playing with the ripped up wrapping paper and Ursula has opened her presents: an iPad from "Odin" and a hand-knit sweater from Granny Thorsen. She smiles and says "Weird how Odin's handrwriting looks so much like Granny Thorsen's..." Noah stands behind her and scowls at Duke and Adam, with his finger over his lips shushing them. Duke says nothing and Adam says, "Freak coincidence, sis."


Christmas is still a few days away, but Yule/the solstice is today, aka the day the Thorsens open presents from Granny Thorsen… er, “Odin.”

Wait til Ursula notices how Santa’s handwriting is the same as Grandma Agnes‘.

(We also see Granny Thorsen’s first name in the runes: Hrefna. And yeah, she wouldn’t write “from” in English transliterated to Elder Futhark, but meh… details…)

Anyway, happy solstice/God Jul!