Rise and Shine (Again)

We see Ursula's alarm clock reading 5:30am. Noah says, "Rise and shine, little robotics engineer!" Ursula groans, "Ugh... not again!" As she yawns and rubs her eyes, Noah stands next to her bed and tells her, "Your mission this week is to build me a laundry folding robot." Ursula scowls and says, "Why do we have to fold laundry? We can just leave the clean stuff in a pile on a chair like Duke does." Noah smiles and replies, "Because that's the assignment from the client." Ursula points out, "Don't clients have to pay for stuff to be built?" Noah replies, "Think of all the money you'll make selling the laundry folding robots." Not swayed, Ursula asks, "Won't I have to pay taxes if I make money?" Noah says, "Yes, but—" and Ursula interrupts him, "So really I'm saving money by staying in bed." Noah scowls and says, "That's not the point!" as Ursula reaches over and turns off her bedside lamp and says, "See you around noon."


History doesn’t quite repeat itself as Ursula isn’t complying with early morning starts on robotics homeschool like she did during Viking homeschool.

And when it comes to a battle of wills between Noah’s laziness in not wanting to fold laundry and Ursula’s laziness in not wanting to get up out of bed or build her dad a laundry robot, it seems Ursula’s got the upper hand.