Mr. Dressup

Noah and Glen are talking at the beginning of the Battle of the Tribute Bands gig before either has gone onstage. Glen is wearing his usual: a grey t-shirt, dark jeans, and his signature red bandana headband. Noah is dressed up like Bono (a mishmash of early 90s Fly-era Bono with the big black shades and shiny black leather jacket and pants with early 2000s touches like the open black shirt and cross necklace baring his hairy chest), with his normally curly hair straightened and slicked back. Glen scowls and says, "Playing Mr. Dressup Again, eh, Thorsen?" Noah smiles and replies, "The better to beat your arse tonight, Glen." We see they are up on a mezzanine balcony in the venue and the opener, a Tina Turner tribute act called Steamy Tina is performing in the background to a packed crowd. Glen retorts, "Pfft! Not a chance! It's about the music, not a costume." Noah grins and shoves Glen back, saying, "Ha! The costume is what makes a tribute band. Now, may the best Irishman win!" Glen scowls and responds, "You're not from Ireland, Thorsen, you're from Flin Flon!" Unfazed, Noah replies, "Still." Glen is furious and shakes his fist in the air, yelling, "I have more Irish blood than you!" Noah is still grinning and walking away as he tell Glen, "Don't be a sore loser, Glen."


Noah seems to think the flatiron is the key to battle-of-the-tribute-bands glory.

To be fair, I used to know someone who played in a few tribute bands and a lot of dudes agree with Noah that you have to dress the part as well as sound the part… but there’s definitely a large contingent who agree with Glen.