December 7, 2022: Pictionary

The Thorsens are now playing Pictionary and Ursula hands a pancil to Noah, telling him, "Your turn to draw." Noah pulls a card and scowls as he looks at it. He then draws a stick figure with very long hair as Ursula, Duke, and Adam yells their guesses: "Long hair!" "Woman!" "Lady Godiva!" None of these are the right answer and Noah growls. He then continues to draw, adding a stick figure bride and groom and rain coming down on them. The guesses continue: "Crying!" "Jealous other woman!" "Arranged marriage!" "Spinster!" Ursula then says, "Time's up" and Noah is irritated, waving his arms around and snarling, "None of you got 'Ironic'? Y'know, Alanis Morrissette?" The kids all stare at him blankly: "No." "Nope." "Uh-uh." Noah continues to rant: "It was a huge hit in the '90s! I used to have to sing it at every gig!" Ursula crosses her arms and rolls her eyes, telling Noah, "The '90s weren't real, Daddy."


It’s like rain on your wedding day, it’s like a bad Pictionary clue that Noah just can’t make.

It might have also helped if Noah hadn’t gotten the videos for “Ironic” and “Thank You” all mixed up, but hey, it’s not like the kids know what Noah’s talking about anyway.