Adam’s Birthday, Part 3

Noah reminisces about the good old days of playing wedding gigs and acting like a dirtbag while Adam's memories aren't so fond.
Clearly this is all from before Noah became more of a family man (and a family-friendly comic).


Drunk and horny bridesmaids are both the perks and the occupational hazards of playing in a wedding band.


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Comic text

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of the comic:

Noah is having a beer with his son Adam on the back deck. Noah asks Adam “How’s the DJ Adam Bomb thing coming these days?” Adam replies “It sucks.” Noah asks “Oh not! Not enough gigs?” Adam says “Too many weddings. If I have to hear one more Taylor Swift song, I’ll go postal.” Noah chuckles and says “Heh… Try having to sing Mariah Carey covers with all the falsetto bits.” He adds “I did bang a lot of bridesmaids, though, which was almost worth having to sing ‘Dreamlover’ at every reception.” (And we see a few of Noah’s memories of bridesmaids he’d slept with.) Adam retorts “And then you’d come home reeking of Vanilla Fields, Exclamation, and White Shoulders, and then Ma would throw frying pans at you.” (And we see Adam remembering seeing his mom Gigi hucking a pan at Noah, hiding behind a door.) Noah replies, “That’s OK. Her aim sucked and I’ve got good reflexes.”